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Arancini are delicious traditional Italian rice balls filled with a variety of flavorsome ingredients and thought to have originated from the south of Italy in Sicily around the 10th Century.

These Arancini balls are now considered a delacy across Australia, but they come with one catch. Although delicious, they are somewhat difficult and time intensive to produce. So if you are looking for a way to produce an arancini ball without the hassle factor, you have come to the right place.

At Belmar Foods, produces of fine Italian food, we have 2 different shape Arancini Balls, with a number of different tasty fillings. Here is a “taste” of some of what we have to offer:

Meal Sized Arancini without the Preparation Hassle

1) Mushroom Medally Arancini (Mushroom Arancini): Tasty aranchini balls with a combination of 4 delicious mushrooms (Porcini, Shitake, Field mushrooms, Champignon mushrooms). For serious mushroom lovers!

2) Five Cheese Arancini with sautéed Baby Spinach: this 5 cheese arancini combines 5 of the tastiest cheeses on the planet: cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta and Romano cheese. If you like cheese, this will please!

3) Meat Ragu Arancini: This is possibly the most traditional recipe for arancini available. Made after searching high and low for traditional arancini recipies, we have combined the local tastes of Harvey beef ragu, with melted creamy mozzarella, fresh eggs, garden green peas.

Finger food, perfect for catering, small sized Risotto Bites.

We are possible one of the only few companies in Australia to bring these magic little arancini bites to the market. People love and know the large meal sized arancini, but having the flavours of southern Italy is a smack size is now a huge novelty!

Finger Food Arancini in Risotto Bites

Finger food arancini

Perfect for catering

We have all our traditional Sicilian flavours available in our meal sized arancini also available in our small snack sized Risotto bites, plus the following delicious flavours:

1)Roasted Pumpkin fetta Risotto Bites: This is a combination of roasted Japanese pumpkin and locally sourced feta cheese, dusted with crunchy polenta. This is one of our most popular arancinis risotto bites and is also Gluten Free so suitable for customers with gluten sensitivities.

2) Chilli & Sun-Dried Tomato Risotto Bites: These are out authentic Italian risotto bites filled with zesty chilli and sun dried tomato. Perfect to spice up your finger food entertaining.

If you love the idea of providing traditional delicious Italian food to your guests, and want it without being a Michelin star chef, then get some of our no hassle authentic Italian arancinis and risotto bites today!

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