Welcome to the world of Belmar Food – Western Australian based pasta manufacturer of premium-quality, 100% natural pasta products.

Here at Belmar Foods, we specialise in pasta manufacture, and as such we pride ourselves in being one of Australia’s top pasta manufacturers. Belmar Foods is  pasta supplier, pasta wholesaler and a pasta manufacturer. We are also a food contract manufacturer, food processor and pasta sauce manufacturer.

If you are a retailer, wholesaler, distributor, hotel, food services business, food catering business or consumer, and you are looking for a good pasta manufacturer, then we want to know you. Feel free call us or send us an email. We love the idea of helping businesses grow who support us in a mutually beneficial level. With customers both large and small, we are keen to help you and supply you with premium grade products and flavorsome unique recipes as well as your traditional all time popular favourites.

With a strong history of being an Australian pasta exporter, Belmar Foods have had a rich history of being accountable, professional, and delivering a high quality product for all sorts of customers across the globe. Quality, quality and quality has been our mantra for the past 30 plus years, and we believe our customers are grateful for it.

As a food contract manufacturer, we often provide pasta products to food contract manufacturers. We are able to tailor production to suit our customers and cherish the opportunity to see where we can help businesses add value to their existing product lines.

Apart from having a strong focus on pasta manufacture, Belmar Foods also have a keen interest in the provision of arancini, and arancini diamond snack sized bites. These are rather unique to the Australian catering world, and bring a level of freshness to the Italian world of food in Australia.

Furthermore, we do a range of Croquettes that are second to none. These tasty little finger foods are our best kept secrete and are a combination of creamy internal fillings with a  crispy exterior. Great for entertaining and perfect as snack finger foods for your next party.

Our website provides you with details on our beginnings, our product range, our qualifications, our commitment to quality and delicious recipes.

So embrace your tastebuds and enjoy the delicious flavours of Italy… brought to you from the heart of Australia’s golden fields.